Hi! i'm Kevin, the composer. I'm basically a "one-man-band" experimenting with different techniques and sound palette to design awesome music for your games! Please check out my content in the links below!

Not just your standard medieval music...!

Here in my studio i'm striving to be THE BEST on making sounds & music for rpg, fantasy & dark fantasy games. I'm always researching new timbre palettes, musical styles and compositional techniques to create original and authentic music in the genre.

Aside from the technical composition aspect i'm always improving my musical instrument skills (guitar, bass, drums) and my notions on music theory, as well as making on going research on SFX arrangement and composition. 

I also design music packs for your games! All for a fair price and with 10x added value! So if you're not able to commission for a custom music ost for your game right now you can always check out my music pack collections at the main game audio assets platforms! (itcho, gamedev markets, unity asset store).

If you're interested on working with me please submit a message:

E-mail: fictiumsounddesign@gmail.com
Discord: Nevyk1984#2489

~ Fictium Sound Design

About the Music Composer...

I'm on a quest to upgrade my skills, so this list is on constant update!

=> FL Studio 20, Reaper, Audacity, Kontakt VST, Native Instruments, 8Dio, Fluffy Audio, Music Sampling, Strezov Sampling, String Audio, Aria Sounds, Auddict, Sample Logic, Sonuscore, Cinesamples, Wavelet Audio, Audio Imperia, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, Digital Orchestration, Ambience, Psychoacoustic / Soundscapes, Electric Guitar (Rock/Metal), Electric Bass (Rock/Metal), Intermediate Music Theory and Cinematic SFX.


Gamedev clients:

rivernyx - "Fictium was a complete pleasure to work with, not only in how he created music but when discussing matters of the game and how things should be composed. He brought many of my ideas to life, even giving them a flair of his own! Works best when doing melancholy or sad music, but is absolutely fantastic when working on any style of music design. 10/10, will definitely go to him for music in the future!"

salamander-chan - "Working with Fictium was great. Communication was fantastic, and they responded fast to messages. The quality of the work they did was very satisfactory, and exactly what i need for my game. They care a lot for the details, and are both helpful and kind. Highly recommended for anybody looking for music carefully made for their game, video or anything else, even if on a tight schedule. 10/10"